Katrin Ender

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"The foundation of any strong film is a strong idea. Usually this means having a pretty strong opinion about something. And a strong gut feeling, and the courage to trust it. The beauty about writing is that it requires you to emotionally and intellectually feel and understand the essence of the film, what it is trying to say. Then, it is like cooking a 5-course meal: throw empathy, curiosity, sensibility, speech, music, visual imagination, a sense of rhythm and structure into one pot, stir and let it simmer. I also like cleaning up and being somewhat radical, which writing forces you to be, too. It’s another way of being truthful. What fascinates me is the power of words themselves and in regards to where they are placed within the sounds and pictures. I write in German, English, French and Spanish. Recently I have also collaborated with Chinese copywriters for language-specific advertisement productions in Greater China.“