Katrin Ender

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“Five minutes are enough to change someone’s mind.” – Katrin on the power of film.

Katrin is a filmmaker with a passion for documentaries. Since 2004, she has been creating inspiring and educating short films, documentaries, and TV feature stories. Katrin believes in the power of film, because “in very little time you can touch someone’s heart and change their mind“. Always on the look out for the next adventure she has directed, produced, edited and assisted in the production of fiction films, TV series, documentaries, commercials, music videos and TV feature stories both as a commissioned as well as a self-producing filmmaker across 4 continents.
Katrin holds a Masters Degree in Communication Design from the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany. A certified Video Journalist she also obtained further qualifications in Voice-Over Recording and Directing with the Academy for Professional Speaking in Berlin, Germany. Fluent in 4 languages Katrin focuses on writing, film directing, and creative directing.
Katrin has held senior creative positions in global advertising agencies Ogilvy & Mather (Francophone Africa), HTC’s In-House Creative Department (Global, Europe, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan), and has been consulting for JWT (Central and South Africa). Her services include: Supervision of Language and Regional Adaptation of Creative Advertisement Materials, Video Journalism, and Voice-Over Recording and Direction.
At the age of 26, Katrin directed, produced and edited her first own experimental fiction film in Kenya, which has won her several nominations and screenings at international film festivals and South African and German Television. In 2008, her music video won "video of the week" on Al-Jazeera’s Listening Post and was broadcast worldwide in the context of the on-going US Presidential Elections. In 2009, Katrin directed, produced and edited her first underwater documentary, which went on to win 6 prestigious international awards and has been highly commended by the world's finest underwater cinematographers. In 2011, Katrin specialized in TV commercials and in the Language-/Region-specific creation of advertisement materials. So far, she has directed French, English, Swahili, German and Chinese Voice-Over recordings. 
One of Katrin's strongest attributes are her creative eye and ear, her sensitivity, her authenticity, and her ability to empathize and direct actors. Having worked in challenging environments such as DRC and Iraq, she is able to produce high quality work under challenging conditions. Her diligence and ability to gain people's trust further contribute to her outstanding reputation.
Katrin is fuelled by creativity and dedication. Her works are manifestations of an exhilarating passion for life itself.
"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes."- Marcel Proust