Katrin Ender

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My Gallery
Directing for HTC Global Marketing, Taipei / Taiwan, 2013
With my Art Director Irene shooting for HTC Global Marketing, Taipei / Taiwan, 2013
Copywriting and creative directing Chinese voiceovers in 3 dialects for Greater China’s HTC T6 TVC production with Mayday, Taipei / Taiwan, 2013
Brainstorming at HTC Headquarters, New Taipei City / Taiwan, 2014
Winning “Best Short Film“ at Germany’s most renowned Nature Documentary Film Festival, Eckernförde / Germany
Post-producing HTC UEFA TVC for Europe, Taipei / Taiwan
Training our main cast for his Swahili and French part for Airtel 3G TVC Sub-Saharan Africa, Ogilvy & Mather Africa, Johannesburg / South Africa, 2011
Celebrating incredible experiences, adventures, and success as first French Creative at Ogilvy & Mather Africa
Testing our main cast for HTC Sell-In Videos, Taipei /Taiwan, 2013
Winning “Honor of Distinction Prize for Short Documentary Video” and “Outstanding Achievement Prize for Conservation Message” for my whale shark documentary “Papa Shillingi” at “Celebrate The Sea” Underwater Imagery Festival, Manila/Philippines, 2009
With Inge Sielmann, wife of legendary german wildlife documentary Filmmaker Heinz Sielmann at “Green Screen Nature Film Festival”, Eckernförde / Germany, 2011
Traditional lobster trap shot from at sunrise dugout canoe for Reuters Indian Ocean shark finning story, Diani / Kenya, 2010
About to take off for some aerial shooting in a microlite plane, Diani Beach / Kenya, 2010
Filming whale sharks along the Kenyan coast from a microlite, Diani / Kenya 2009
Diving with Thresher sharks off Malapascua Island, Cebu / Philippines, 2009
Shooting on a traditional fishing Dhow, Malindi / Kenya, 2010
“Papa Shillingi” winning at DAFF, Germany, 2012
Rushing after a whale shark, Diani / Kenya 2011
My documentary’s “stone” in Eckernförde’s “Walk of Fame”, Eckernförde / Germany, 2011
Networking in Cannes, France, 2012
Invited to Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity by German advertising production company HelliVentures, Cannes / France, 2012
My first extreme sports documentary, “Che Shale Kitesurf Masters” on Kitesurfing in Kenya, 2012
With Robby Naish at the Red Bull kitesurf event of the year, “King of the Air”, supporting Jesse and Shawn Richman who flew in from Maui and Kenya, Cape Town / South Africa, 2013
Very grateful to have had the opportunity to help develop and co-produce the pilot volume of this magnificent annual water extreme sports film project in Germany, France and from South Africa for Moving Adventures Media, Munich / Germany, 2011 – 2012
Directing music video “Obama Be Thy Name” at Godown Arts Centre, Nairobi / Kenya, 2008
Scene from music video “Obama Be Thy Name”, which got over 100,000 hits of YouTube and won “Video of the week” on Al-Jazeera’s Listening Post within 10 days of its release, Nairobi / Kenya 2008
Steering a 4-seater Cessna above Tsavo National Park, Tsavo / Kenya, 2011
My first docu drama produced with local crew in Nairobi/ Kenya, 2005 – 2006
Producing music documentaries for the Goethe-Institut and Reuters’ “Africa Journal” in Nairobi / Kenya, 2008 – 2009
With legendary BBC Blue Planet underwater cameraman Peter Scoones at “Celebrate The Sea” Underwater Imagery Festival, Manila / Philippines, 2009
Scene from tragic comedy “One Candle, Two Candles”, a fiction film on arranged marriage and domestic violence against women, which I starred in and co-produced in Kurdistan / Northern Iraq, 2010
Shooting a documentary in the centre of Erbil, the oldest permanent human settlement in the world, Kurdistan / Iraq, 2010
Scene from “One Candle, Two Candles” filmed in Acre Town, Northern Iraqi-Kurdistan, 2010
With Land and Space Visionary & Architect Jacques Rougerie at “Festival Mondial de l’Image Sous-Marine” in Marseille / France, 2012
Humbled and inspired with Jacques Cousteau’s son, Marseille / France, 2012
Being interviewed on filmmaking in Kenya and the future of filmmaking in East Africa by Musabi Muteshi, Nairobi/ Kenya, 2012
Shooting a TV feature story on Child Abuse and Sex Tourism for Reuters in Malindi / Kenya, 2011
Assisting Lawrence Bewsher in the High Speed Camera Department on Guy Ritchie’s feature film “Revolver”, London / UK, 2004
Helping in the Art Department for music video “Weekend”, Mad Cow Films, London / UK, 2004